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First name like Alicia Keys and last name like Jada Pinkett...

My name is Alicia Pinkett and I was born and raised in Washington, DC. Since middle school, I have loved art because it was a way for me to escape. In the 7th grade, my teacher influenced me so much that I wanted to make art my career. That school year I sold my first painting, displayed my art in the DCPS calendar, and my art was displayed at the Ronald Reagan airport. I realized that this is more than just a hobby in my life, but this can be my life, too. My philosophy of art is that it is life. Art is science, math, engineering, music, etc.  I learned that without art there wouldn’t be 100% of objects that people know and love. I just want people to know that my artwork exists and that I have never given up on what I know and love. I am now teaching Art to middle school students, which has been the best experience of my life so far. I would love to expand my world artistically and have more of my work in the homes of long-time DC residents.

I am currently apart of the ARTBAE league. Check out other artists on this page!

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