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Pancakes and Booze

5 things I learned...

  1. Reach out to artists you know: Speak to artists you know for advice and information on the art show that you are attending. If someone knows your vibes, they will know how the audience of the event will feel about your work.

  2. Plan your layout: Figure out the layout of the Art Fair. Do you want to add a splash of paint, add sparkly lights, big canvas or small canvas, will you live paint? All of these factors matters when it comes to placement of your pieces. Draw up a plan of what your layout will be.

  3. Create multiples ways to receive the coin: Create prints, buttons, small paintings, large paintings, stickers, etc. Even throw in something free. (ex. buy a large print , get a button free) This will attract the coin.

  4. Network work work work work work: Stop to say hi. If you think you are nervous, trust me you are not the only one in a room full of artists. We have a reason we create art, lol. Grab some follows, likes, and repost. Also, shoutout that friend that you met. Let everyone know that you met another dope artist today!

  5. Make sure you get your pancakes first: I am just gonna say that I had the first batch of pancakes then the electric pan went out. Was it saying I'm on fire. Overall event was a 7.5 out of 10 because I don't like crowded places :)

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every experience is a lesson. happy that you got to learn some great ones to share. Keep creating!!

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